Resurrection Gospel Inc..


About us

Established in 2010, we humbly share the gospel through music! We know God has a purpose for everyone's life and music is an important part of ministry. That’s why our focus is on distributing uplifting music to those from all walks of life!

Resurrection Gospel Inc. is an independent record label, management and promotion company, structured by Tracy & Naomi McFadden solely dedicated to sharing the gospel through music.

We firmly believe that God has a purpose for each of us and the purpose of our label is to help artists achieve their goals as musicians.  Here you will find a variety of music that all share the same vision and purpose.

We strive for high level artistry, personal relationships, and growth as a family. Setting the standard of quality music with inspirational lyrics, genres of music released include; Gospel, Contemporary Christian and Praise & Worship. Representing Christ first and foremost, we release music that not only speaks to your soul, but brings a deeper connection with Christ!

Since the 2010 Come Too Far release of our artist Naomi Ruth McFadden, we are humbled to share new music with the world! Set to release her sophomore album God Is Smiling this July, McFadden's new single is blazing the airwaves in the US and Abroad.

We offer a wide array of services that begin with consultations to guide you and your music through each step of your career allowing you to learn the business and how God is using your ministry to spread His Word.